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Avid Help Page

Avid Development/Error Reporting

You can request new features and report bugs/errors at the Avid development site. Submit a ticket regarding your ideas for new features. Submit a ticket if you encounter an error (remember to be specific including URL, dynasty name, section, etc). Submit a ticket to help get things done.

Avid Development Site

Password Help

If you lost or forgot your password you can click below to initiate resetting the password:
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Help Form

You can use this form to contact the Avid Staff about issues you are having or with any questions you have that you can't get answered through the wiki pages or support forum. Notice: The "Avid Staff" is one person who develops the entire web site in his spare time and offers it as a free service. In other words, he'll get to the support request when he can and there is no guarantee that it will be immediate. Please respect this and consider the other support options like the forum if you need immediate help that does not involve creating a new account. Thanks!

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