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Quick Start Guide to Avid

  1. Create a Dynasty
  2. Click the Edit Icon
  3. Review the Season Edit Options
  4. Click Recruiting and add In-Season recruits if you want to track recruiting
  5. Click Schedule Tab
  6. Enter Games for Schedule
  7. Click Roster Tab
  8. Add Players if you intend to track player statistics
  9. Click Week # to Review week and week edit options
  10. After Playing a Game Click Game in Schedule
  11. Enter Stats for Game
  12. Go Back to #10 and continue
  13. Continue entering game and week data as desired
  14. End of Season
    1. Go to Season tab and click Team Stats
    2. Edit Team Stats to enter team season stats
    3. Click Roster Tab
    4. Review and edit Player Season stats as desired: Click player name and then edit season stats
    5. Review and enter any end of season data like polls, conference standings and Bowl Games
    6. When finished Click Add New Season from season tab while in edit mode
  15. Start New Season
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