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Dynasties are what we're here for. Once you are signed up and logged in you can visit your account home page and see a list of dynsties you've created. If you have not created any then the list will be empty. You can change that by clicking "New Dynasty" which should appear below your username on the account page.

Creating a New Dynasty

The new dynasty form starts off simple to get you started quickly. You can choose a team, a game version of NCAA Football and the starting year of your dynasty. You can also choose to try to use the default rosters or the team. This generally saves you a lot of data entry if the default roster file exists for the team and NCAA version. If you're eager to get started just click "Create New Dynasty" button to create your dynasty.

If you want to, you can add more detail about your dynasty by clicking the Advanced Options link. This will show you form fields where you can fill out the details of your dynasty settings.

What Next?

Now you can start to fill our your dynasties data for the season.

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